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Simply,  just two ladies who just love rocks and want to share them with everyone else.  In 2013, we started this venture as just a hobby and have now grown into what you see today and living out our dreams and passion.  We travel all over the Eastern United States doing shows and one day soon will continue our journey across the rest of the United States.

Our whole venture started out in a garage helping Chris's best friend, David.  She would help him "Bag up stones" and occasionally help to fill orders.  David has now grown into one of the largest wholesalers of rocks and gems, and we are trying to follow in his footsteps.

Our name: "Momma's Rocks" comes from our first and biggest supporter, Melanie's mom, who we lost too early in 2014.  She encouraged, pushed and inspired Melanie to follow her dream and keep working on her jewelry, - it would get better.  As it did.  From that moment we have grown and are continually growing.

We have distributors locally as well as all over the world.  Our tumbled stones are of the best quality and our specimens are hand picked out by us so you will only get the best.

We guarantee you will love your new found items just as we do.  We strive in customer satisfaction.